Thank You for Your Support!

Frances Bilak

From My Heart to Yours

I want to thank everyone who supported my campaign. Ours was an incredible journey that brought so many phenomenal people into my life. From the day I pulled my campaign papers through election day, I have met so many residents and small business owners and felt privileged that each and every one of you chose to share with me your perspective on Beverly Hills, a city we all love.

Listening to the impassioned voices of so many made me realize the importance of moving forward. I continue on in my current position as Recreation and Parks Commissioner. Please know that I will carry with me your concerns and priorities. Together we will work to make our city even better.

I congratulate Bob Wunderlich, Les Friedman and incumbent John Mirisch for each having run a successful campaign. I know all will serve our community well. After all, we have the best interests of Beverly Hills at heart.

Finally, please know that your voice was heard. Always remember: one voice can make a difference and a cacophony of voices can change our world. We will move forward together. I love you all.